Art/iculation magazine

Art/iculation is a bilingual publication that includes articles and artworks by graduate students at McGill, Concordia, UQAM and UdeM that reflect on often-overlooked experiences and histories.

The magazine takes its name from “The theory and method of articulation in cultural studies” (1996) by Jennifer Daryl Slack who argues “articulation can be understood as a way of characterizing a social formation without falling into the twin traps of reductionism and essentialism” (112). This concept captures the spirit of While No One Was Looking which aims to make space for nuanced works that share marginalized experiences, perspectives and subject matters.


Contributions by:

Mira Baba
Lindsay Corbett
Itzel Danae Dorantes
Ayanna Dozier
Sandra Evoughlian
Kyrstin Felts
Kirsten Gerrie
Joana Joachim
La Reine
Victoria Lessard
Sofia Misenheimer
Christina Marie Phelps
Boris Romero
Jonathan Fraser Rouleau
Unceded Voices Collective

Also featuring interviews with:
Dr. Charmaine Nelson, Art History, McGill University
Dr. Clarence Epstein, Urban & Cultural Affairs, Concordia University


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Complimentary copies of Art/iculation magazine will be available at MainLine Gallery from April 28 – May 6.